Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Layout #2: Nee! Naw! Nee! Naw!

I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do for almost everything on this page quite soon: photos going up and down to suggest a two-tone siren, red and yellow background suggesting a fire engine, and "Nee! Naw!" title spread across the page. Almost everything, that is, except for the journalling, which I just knew I didn't want in a default box. I did almost all of another double page layout while I tried to figure it out. When I get stuck, I often find that explaining my stuckness to someone helps me to unstick, and that's what happened here. Showing my Mum and Dad, the idea for blue lights as journal blocks seemed so obvious I couldn't understand why I hadn't thought of it before. It came out better than I thought - I love the way it contrasts with the red and yellow background.

As always now, I used this project to show Bob a few things about design - the main thing here was showing him how matting the photos and the title letters makes them 'pop' out of the page.

What I used:

  • Paper: Papermania 12x12 smooth cardstock
  • Tools: Round-It-All corner punch, Tool Buddies "Alphabet Parade" alphabet stamps
  • Colours: Ancient Page ink "Coal Black", Sharpies
  • Embellishments: None! Everything's made from simple cardstock

Crafting notes:

  • The thin shards of blue card around the 'lights' were hard to glue neatly - I used a large pin to apply PVA.
  • The title letters are stamped, but the ink looked grey compared to the black card I used for matting and the black Sharpie I used for the journalling, so I went over it all with the Sharpie
  • I tried to find a way of doing the subtitle ("Kempston Fire Station Open Day") using products, rather than hand writing it, but couldn't find anything suitable and wasted lost of time looking. I often forget that it's not my job to design stuff to sell products any more and that hand writing is just fine if I like it :-)

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