Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Mum to a 5 year old

Apparently I'm Mum to a 5 year old, although I'm sure it was only a couple of months ago that I posted that I was Mum to a 4 year old. Wasn't it?

Considering the prevalence of superhero stuff for 5 year olds, it was quite a surprise when he asked if he could have a cake like an F14 Tomcat.

Here's what I made for him:

Candle missiles :-)

Candle afterburners!

For his card I chose a Star Wars theme, as we've just started watching some of the films:
The XWing twirls around the death star as you tip the card 

What I used:
  • Cake: Waitrose white regal icing, Dr Oetker's coloured regal icing, Dr Oetker's silver shimmer spray, black, green & orange food colouring, Supercook black gel icing writer,  silver candles, cocoa powder, Little Venice Cake Company decorating tools
  • Card:
    • Papers: Doodlebug 12x12 glitter card "Beetle Black", black paper
    • Embellishments: Anita's outline sticker letters, Stick It circular foam pads
    • Tools: XCut nesting dies "Circles", QuicKutz nesting frame dies "Circles"
Crafting notes:
  • Cake:
  1. Bob wanted to help make the cake, and we made two batches of Victoria sponge - one plain, one chocolate, and put them in the tin in uneven layers, so that the finished cake would look more interesting.
  2. To get the shape, I Googled for a plan view drawing of an F14, printed it out, then cut it into sections to make up a square so I could see how to cut the cake.
  3. For the speed-blurred landscape background I covered the cake board with green icing, then drew on streaks of green food colouring and dragged cocoa powder over it with my finger.
  4. I used a decorating tool to make grooves in the icing to show where the wings and tail planes were.
  5. I painted two circles of icing orange to look like the flames of the afterburners
  6. I made two tail fins that I intended to add just before I took it to the table, but forgot to add them!
  • Card:
  1. It doesn't show up in the photo, but the background is black glitter card, so looks like twinkling stars.
  2. I used masking tape to keep the circle dies in place to make sure the channel for the slider was an even width all the way round.
  3. I used a white card blank that I first covered with black paper. Then, in the bottom of the slider groove, I stuck the ring of card removed when I cut the groove. The rest of the glitter card is raised up on two layers of foam tape, to give space for the slider to run.
  4. The death star, x-wing and tie fighter are all print outs of images I found with Google.
  5. I tried to think of a pun around the word "sith" but with a "5", but couldn't think of anything Bob was likely to understand!


  1. Both fabulous projects, I know a 30 year that would love the

  2. Thats brilliant, what a fab cake, so clever

  3. You are very talented, that cake looks amazing and what a fab card as well x


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