Thursday, 28 April 2016

Layout #3: December 2015 "Celebration" Challenge

I chose "Celebration" as the theme for my December scrapbook challenge on do crafts' Craft Talk, and I found this lovely (if ancient) sketch for it by Prima on Pinterest:
Prima blog post
I started working on the layout in November, in time for my December challenge, but I got a little stuck, and then Christmas prep got in the way. The page has been gathering dust on my desk since then, waiting for my mojo to return. Once I realised that I was getting too hung up on the sketch I was able to finish quite quickly, at least until I reached my normal stumbling block of the journalling. Here's what I made. Eventually:

What I used:
Papers: Papermania Home for Christmas 12x12, Snowflake wrapping paper from Pondskipper Crafts card and cracker kit, Papermania snowflake acetate 12x12
Tools: Purple Cows trimmer with zig-zag blade, Sharpie pen
Embellishments: Me to You Winter Wonderland white cardstock alphabet stickers, Papermania Alphaminis curly white, Santa embellishment from Ponskipper Crafts card and cracker kit (as used on our crackers), mulberry paper die cut bow.

Crafting notes:

  • The photos on this layout had a hard time. I cut into one while matting the other, as I hadn't noticed it on my cutting mat. I fixed that with tape on the reverse. Then, while crafting in front of the telly, I put them on the floor next to me just in time for one of my dogs to jump down from the sofa. I removed the resulting claw marks by tracing over them on the reverse with an embossing stylus, with the photos on a glass mat.
  • As well as setting a sketch for the challenge, I asked people to include some memorabilia if they could. I thought I'd kept pieces of the crackers we made, but couldn't find them, so I included wrapping paper and an embellishment from the card and cracker kit.
  • I wanted the cracker to be patterned the same as the crackers we made. The cracker blanks didn't look right, so I used wrapping paper from the kit. I couldn't find any backing paper that went as well as the paper itself. To make sure the cracker wasn't lost, I used the variation in lightness and added an acetate layer over the backing paper. I chose a snowflake pattern, given the impact snow had on our Christmas.
  • The wrapping paper was folded to smaller than 12x12. I hid the fold under the cracker.
  • The journalling looks green in the photos, but in real life it looks a pretty good match for the paper.
  • The acetate layer is only stuck down underneath the red layer.


  1. The photos may have been a bit through the wars with you, but the whole layout looks fab.


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