Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A birthday card for Grandad

It's been a little while since I did any proper crafting with my son, but my Dad's birthday this week gave us a good excuse to do some. I asked my son what he thought Grandad liked best and the first thing he said was "planes", so I suggested a card with a plane on a spring. Being 4, he really wanted the card to have *all* the planes on :-) , but we settled for a Spitfire and one we're not sure about, Mustang maybe? Other than the outline design, the only things I did were to cut out the planes, hold the mask in place, and to peel the stickers off their sheets (holographic peel-offs tear *really* easily). Here's what he made. The only snag was that he didn't want to post it!

What he used:
Tools: That Special Touch 6x6 mask "Clouds", angled tweezers
Colours: Adirondack paint dabber "snow white", Whispers permanent markers
Embellishments: Goldlabel Birthday and balloons peel-offs, vintage aircraft holographic peel-offs, Papermania male words outline stickers, Papermania large card springs

Crafting Notes:

  • The clouds were done by 'dabbing' (with the gusto you'd expect from a 4 year old boy) white paint through the cloud mask. 
  • The planes are mounted on salvaged acetate packaging, partly in case he wanted to cut them out himself (so he wouldn't have to be so accurate), but also so that he could colour on the reverse and not worry about going outside the lines (ink can be removed with a Qtip dipped in blending solution).
  • The planes were coloured with a random mix of green and brown to look like camouflage.
Colouring on the reverse and staying in the lines!

  • Stencilling
  • Handling and placing stickers
  • Tweezer use
  • Spring mounting
  • Permanent markers - colouring on acetate and stickers

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