Friday, 29 April 2016

Layout #4: March challenge "Home" and some tinkering

The topic I set for my March scrapbook challenge was "Home" and I've taken a rather loose interpretation of it here, as I'm using photos of my son gardening at home.

The layout of the page was inspired by this layout that I found on Pinterest. I had intended to have flowers go across the page, like in the inspiration piece, but my natural minimalism took over and I simplified the page :-) Minimalism aside, I think this made the page more balanced, particularly as I wanted to include journalling. Here's what I made:

What I used:
Papers: Papermania "Secret Garden" 12x12, K&Co "Dorset Blocks flat" 12x12, Dark green textured card
Embellishments: Various paper flowers, Anita's Dimensions "Floral Gems", Papermania chipboard elements "Secret Garden", rub-on from scrapbooking kit, die cut watering can and water drop.
Tools and colour: Mini alphabet dies (bought from a friend), Promarkers

Crafting notes:

  • The watering can and water were my little boy's idea :-)
  • I bought the watering can as a die cut that had been cut from glossy green card that didn't match my layout and was pointing the wrong way, so I turned it over, coloured it, re-embossed the details and decorated it.
  • The die cut numbers for the date are really thin. To apply glue to them I put PVA on my hand and then dabbed them onto the glue using tweezers.
And finally, an update on my last project - the one that took me 6 months. Despite all that time spent thinking about it, I still wasn't happy with the journalling. It looked too stark and blank. So I fiddled with it today - I put a dark red outline around it and I'm a lot happier. Now you know why it all takes me so long...

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Layout #3: December 2015 "Celebration" Challenge

I chose "Celebration" as the theme for my December scrapbook challenge on do crafts' Craft Talk, and I found this lovely (if ancient) sketch for it by Prima on Pinterest:
Prima blog post
I started working on the layout in November, in time for my December challenge, but I got a little stuck, and then Christmas prep got in the way. The page has been gathering dust on my desk since then, waiting for my mojo to return. Once I realised that I was getting too hung up on the sketch I was able to finish quite quickly, at least until I reached my normal stumbling block of the journalling. Here's what I made. Eventually:

What I used:
Papers: Papermania Home for Christmas 12x12, Snowflake wrapping paper from Pondskipper Crafts card and cracker kit, Papermania snowflake acetate 12x12
Tools: Purple Cows trimmer with zig-zag blade, Sharpie pen
Embellishments: Me to You Winter Wonderland white cardstock alphabet stickers, Papermania Alphaminis curly white, Santa embellishment from Ponskipper Crafts card and cracker kit (as used on our crackers), mulberry paper die cut bow.

Crafting notes:

  • The photos on this layout had a hard time. I cut into one while matting the other, as I hadn't noticed it on my cutting mat. I fixed that with tape on the reverse. Then, while crafting in front of the telly, I put them on the floor next to me just in time for one of my dogs to jump down from the sofa. I removed the resulting claw marks by tracing over them on the reverse with an embossing stylus, with the photos on a glass mat.
  • As well as setting a sketch for the challenge, I asked people to include some memorabilia if they could. I thought I'd kept pieces of the crackers we made, but couldn't find them, so I included wrapping paper and an embellishment from the card and cracker kit.
  • I wanted the cracker to be patterned the same as the crackers we made. The cracker blanks didn't look right, so I used wrapping paper from the kit. I couldn't find any backing paper that went as well as the paper itself. To make sure the cracker wasn't lost, I used the variation in lightness and added an acetate layer over the backing paper. I chose a snowflake pattern, given the impact snow had on our Christmas.
  • The wrapping paper was folded to smaller than 12x12. I hid the fold under the cracker.
  • The journalling looks green in the photos, but in real life it looks a pretty good match for the paper.
  • The acetate layer is only stuck down underneath the red layer.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A birthday card for Grandad

It's been a little while since I did any proper crafting with my son, but my Dad's birthday this week gave us a good excuse to do some. I asked my son what he thought Grandad liked best and the first thing he said was "planes", so I suggested a card with a plane on a spring. Being 4, he really wanted the card to have *all* the planes on :-) , but we settled for a Spitfire and one we're not sure about, Mustang maybe? Other than the outline design, the only things I did were to cut out the planes, hold the mask in place, and to peel the stickers off their sheets (holographic peel-offs tear *really* easily). Here's what he made. The only snag was that he didn't want to post it!

What he used:
Tools: That Special Touch 6x6 mask "Clouds", angled tweezers
Colours: Adirondack paint dabber "snow white", Whispers permanent markers
Embellishments: Goldlabel Birthday and balloons peel-offs, vintage aircraft holographic peel-offs, Papermania male words outline stickers, Papermania large card springs

Crafting Notes:

  • The clouds were done by 'dabbing' (with the gusto you'd expect from a 4 year old boy) white paint through the cloud mask. 
  • The planes are mounted on salvaged acetate packaging, partly in case he wanted to cut them out himself (so he wouldn't have to be so accurate), but also so that he could colour on the reverse and not worry about going outside the lines (ink can be removed with a Qtip dipped in blending solution).
  • The planes were coloured with a random mix of green and brown to look like camouflage.
Colouring on the reverse and staying in the lines!

  • Stencilling
  • Handling and placing stickers
  • Tweezer use
  • Spring mounting
  • Permanent markers - colouring on acetate and stickers

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Layout #2: Splash!

I've set a monthly scrapbooking challenge on the do crafts Craft Talk scrapbooking forum and, as I've only managed to complete the one for January so far, I should really be working on those. However, I've been wallowing in so much stuff to do and such a deep doldrum of crafter's block that I was grateful to be able to make progress on any project. If I was being cheeky, I could claim that this layout works for February's "Favourite" theme, as the photos feature my son doing one of his favourite things, but I have something else in mind for that theme :-)

I haven't done any journalling for this layout, other than date and place, as the photos don't really need any explanation.

What I used
Paper: DCWV Photo Stack, DCWV The Stack 5, blue linen card
Tools: XCut nesting circle dies, Papermania circle punches, grey Sharpie pen

Crafting notes

  • The letters of "Splash!" are cut freehand from water photo paper. I cut some of the circles from this paper and the others from the cropped parts of the photos.
  • I didn't use a sketch for this layout, but it was inspired by a layout in "How to Scrapbook" by Joy Aitman & Sarah McKenna.