Sunday, 6 December 2015

Advent Activities - week 1

Last year I made an activity advent calendar for my son - a calendar with Christmas activities for us to do together. It worked so well last year that I've updated the activites for this year. Like last year we'll be doing a mixture of craft projects, cooking, trips out, and home decorating.

Here's what we've done so far:

1st: Christmas jellies

Our silicon gingerbread man mould didn't want to let go of this jelly, but that was a bonus as far as Bob was concerned, as that just meant there was more jelly to lick off the mould :-) He decorated jelly man using various cake decorations, including mini snowballs
2nd: Foam chains

Bob made one of these last year too, and got bored just as it was as long as he was tall, so I thought it would be fun to do the same this year too. Last year he couldn't make the links on his own, and didn't want to decorate them, but this year he was able to do it all himself, and added stickers to every link.
What we used: Craft Planet foam chain kit, Craft Planet Christmas stickers

3rd: Lolly stick reindeer
I found this project on Pinterest and, as last year's lolly stick snowflakes were so popular I thought it would be fun to make, and we weren't disappointed. Bob was able to do this pretty much on his own, with me just holing things for him. We stuck the sticks together with silicon glue dots, so we wouldn't have to wait for glue to dry.
What we used: Lolly sticks, Craft Planet pom-poms & googly eyes, holographic foil snowflakes, Stick It glue dots.

4th: Decorations

This activity kept us busy for ages, with sparkly stars at the windows, tinsel around the bed, and a mini feathery tree. I've never decorated this tree before, but Bob found some of my decorated baubles and hung them up. I really like it!

5th: Trimming the tree
Today's activity was trimming the Christmas tree. I normally spend ages trying to achieve a random, eclectic effect with the tree, but it turns out all you need is an enthusiastic 4yo :-)


  1. What great idea - looks like you had a lot of fun together!

  2. What fabulous projects, love the jelly gingerbread man and the lollipop reindeer is so cute x

  3. Fantastic idea, very interactive.

  4. Brilliant it looks like so much fun. Hugs Jackie

  5. Great projects....jelly looks to good to eat....Joolsx


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