Monday, 21 December 2015

Advent activities - week 3

We've missed a couple of days, but Bob and I have continued doing different Christmassy activities this week, from our activity advent calendar.  Here's what we've been up to:

Snowflake painting:
I found this technique on Pinterest (originally from TenKidsAndADog) and knew Bob would love the reveal part. I used masking tape to create a snowflake shape on a card pizza base I'd hoarded, then got Bob to paint it and remove the tape. I had expected that we'd hang it up as a big decoration, but Bob said he'd like it to be a Christmas plate for sweets, so we sprayed it with glittery lacquer. The lacquer has been open a couple of years and was quite splattery, so I still need to even it out with some glitter glue before Christmas day.

What we used: Card base from a pizza, masking tape, acrylic paints in blue, white and silver, Crafters Companion silver Spray & Sparkle
Crafting notes:
  • We mixed the paints together, but not smoothly, so we'd get a nice colour variation
  • After the painting was done, we patted the sponge onto the card, to get rid of streaks
Peppermint creams
These were another Pinterest find (originally from here), but we modified the recipe a little as Bob liked the idea of chocolate chips rather than dunking them in chocolate. 
What we used: 2tbsp butter, 2tbsp single cream, 2tsp peppermint flavouring, 4 4yo's handfuls of dark chocolate chips, and as much icing sugar as needed to reach a smooth, stiff, non-sticky consistency (around 3-4 teacups, quite a bit more than in the original recipe).
Crafting notes:

  • Creaming the butter, cream, mint and sugar together was a bit hard for Bob, so I got it started and then he had a stir. We added the chocolate chips last, kneading them in like bread.
  • We used ready made icing sugar, but we made a little icing sugar by crushing granulated sugar with a mortar and pestle first, to show Bob how it's made. The transformation is more fun if you use unrefined sugar, as there's a colour change from golden to white. I also had Bob taste the sugar before and after crushing to show that it tastes different.
  • Before cutting, we rolled the mixture into sausages, wrapped in clingfilm and put into a kitchen towel tube so they didn't flatten.

Fairy make-over
Since I discovered her in my parents' decorations box 10-15 years ago, my childhood Christmas tree fairy has graced the top of my tree every year. I have been soppily attached to her for a very long time - I remember my Mum adding some blue glitter to her skirt when I was in my early teens because she was looking a little old, but I didn't want to replace her.  Over the years I've tried to spruce her up by spraying her with shimmery paints too, but nothing has hidden the fact that her crepe paper dress is now well over 40 years old. This year I thought it was time to give her a proper makeover, and to let her become Bob's fairy, not Mummy's.


What we used: Rainbow crepe paper, tinsel, holographic star stickers
Crafting notes:
  • The dress is made as a tube, bunched together around the fairy's body and secured with an elastic band. The skirt is then flattened out.
  • We added tinsel around the top of the skirt to hide fraying on her bodice, and replaced the tinsel on her head.
  • We kept her original wings for now, maybe we'll replace those next year!
Reindeer fridge cakes
These delicious cakes were inspired by a recipe for mud pies in "The Cooking Book" by Jane Bull. 

What we used: 3oz Butter, 4oz broken chocolate digestives, 1tbsp cocoa powder, 1 of each of our hands full of mini marshmallows, chopped dried apricots. To decorate: melted chocolate, 6 glace cherries, 12 snowball decorations, dark brown writing icing.
Crafting notes:
  • We melted the butter and stirred in the other ingredients before squashing into paper cases. Next we poured over melted chocolate and decorated with half a glace cherry, and two snowball decorations with a little dab of writing icing.
  • Bob *loved* breaking up the biscuits with a pestle in a big bowl. We used a metal bowl because of the bashing!
  • This activity was great for talking about numbers and dividing. We made 12 cakes with 4 colours of paper case. The glace cherries were cut in half, and there were 2 eyes per cake. Bob wasn't sure about counting 24 eyes, so we counted the number of pairs instead.

Christmas present card:
We were supposed to have a craft party with one of Bob's best friends, but they were having such fun running around and playing that we only made one project - a card. Bob wanted it to feature a present, so we cut a square and added stickers and a bow. It was dark by the time they finished, hence the bad photo. Bob's is the one on the right.
What we used: Papermania contemporary Christmas paper, silver bows, Papermania foiled stickers, QuicKutz nesting square dies, Glue dots.
Crafting notes:
  • I had the children die cut the present squares so they could make them themselves, and because Bob loves using my Big Shot :-)
  • I didn't direct their stickering, just made a few sticker sheets available to them, so I thought it was interesting how similarly they decorated their presents.

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  1. Hello Amanda, Wow Bob's fairy looks amazing as do those mud pies. Love all your projects.



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