Saturday, 12 December 2015

Advent Activities - week 2

As I posted last week, my son and I have been doing different Christmassy activities every day, from our activity advent calendar. We've been out a lot this week, and had visitors, so a couple of times we skipped or scaled down some activities. Here's what we've been up to:

Day 6: Lolly stick Christmas tree (from Pinterest)

What we used: Green food colouring, reclaimed lolly sticks, Craft Planet large lolly stick, Papermania teardrop and star gems, PVA glue
Crafting notes:

  • Instead of painting the lolly sticks, we soaked them in a strong solution of water and green food colouring.
  • The gems are not self-adhesive,  and are quite small and fiddly. I added blobs of glue to the lolly stick where Bob wanted them, then laid out some gems the right way up. Bob picked them up by licking his finger and dabbing on the gem. He got quite fast towards the end, but he'd had enough when he'd done the edges of the sticks, sadly I couldn't pursuade him to add any more 'baubles' in the middle!
Day 7: This project is top secret, as it's a present for Nanny & Grandad, who read this blog :-)

Day 8: Should have been making Christmassy cakes, but a visit from Nanny & Grandad was just too exciting :-)

Day 9: Tots group Christmas party. We didn't make anything at the party, but all the children decorated paper Christmas trees at the start of the month, to decorate the tree for the party. Bob loves my Crop-a-dile Big Bite, so he made holes in his tree and stuck thin paper behind to look like lights when hanging up.

What we used: Green card, thin yellow paper, Crop-a-dile Big Bite, Craft Planet mini glitter glue
Crafting notes: We sandwiched the thin paper between two tree shapes. We stuck the stalks of the trees together, cut the holes through both trees at the same time, then stuck the thin paper in between before sticking the trees together.

Day 10: Marshmallow snowmen
These looked better in my head, and I struggled to find full size white marshmallows, but we enjoyed making them, rummaging through the cake decorations for things to use, and of course eating them at the end!

What we used: Princess marshmallows, Cake Angels mini marshmallows, Tesco white designer icing (as glue), Tesco plain chocolate chips (eyes), Dr Oetker regal-ice, Morrison's mini dinosaurs with legs removed (noses)
Crafting notes:

  • The snowman is made from 1.5 large marshmallows, with a mini one in between to make space for the scarf.
  • The scarf and hat are regal-ice. The scarf is some of the swirly icing left over from Bob's birthday cake.
Day 11: Fingerprint reindeer baubles
I found this project on Pinterest, but it was originally from A Little Bit Funky, and we conscripted Daddy to make a family of reindeer.

What we used: Artiste acrylic paint "chocolate", black Sharpie pen, Papermania red adhesive gems, Craft Planet black glitter glue (for the eyes).
Crafting notes:
  • Paint on baubles is very slippy, so I held Bob's thumb for the print. I also held his hand while we added the glitter glue eyes.
  • I drew the main stem of the antlers, but Bob did the rest. I love how huge they are!
  • We used an egg box to hold the baubles still for decorating and drying.


  1. What lovely items Bob has made, the snowmen look yummy!

  2. What fun Bob has had with all these crafty projects.

  3. What a clever Bob you have :-)

  4. some great projects, the lollipop stick is a great idea and I do like the snowmen

  5. Hi all your projects are stunning it looks like you have had lots of fun. Hugs Jackie

  6. All fabulous projects, sounds like you are having a great time making everything. Love the marshmallow snowmen and the baubles are such a unique ornament x

  7. Great Xmas projects to do with a child Amanda. I've been doing bits with my boys but never thought to put them on my blog! Shabneez xxx

  8. You have been the baubles and the christmas trees....and the snowmen made me smile....Joolsx


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