Thursday, 2 July 2015

10 minute cake decorating - dino island

If Bob's involved, all cake making and decorating has to be quick, partly because he's impatient to see the end result and partly because it's a race to finish before the completed bits, how shall I put this, 'disappear' :-)

This morning I happened to mention Bob's pirate birthday cake and he asked if he could make another one, so we baked a victoria sponge and sprinkled chocolate chips over it before we put it in the oven, to give it a lumpy surface and because chocolate is good :-)
Looks a little like France

We baked the cake in a square tin and, once cooled, we chopped off little curved pieces to give a coastline and piled most of them (some 'disappeared' of course!) on top of the 'island'. The plan was to make a desert island, but our yellow and blue icing had gone hard, leaving us with only red and green, so we made a quick change to a volcano instead. I tried to make the red 'lava' into little eruption arches, but the weather here was so hot even in the morning that our butter had melted by 7am, so the arches quickly flopped. The heat did make it very easy to extrude the red icing into flows though - it was almost the consistency of lava anyway!

To finish the cake, we added some sprinkles (to be blobs of hot rock), some chocolate chip boulders, and a couple of Bob's dinosaurs.  Here it is, not the world's best volcano cake, but the decorating time was well within a 3 year old's attention span and, for an unplanned activity, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Look closely and you might spot that some of the chocolate
chip boulders have already disappeared into Bob's tummy :-)
Happy crafting



  1. looks like you had great fun making this cake!

  2. That cake looks delicious.


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