Friday, 23 January 2015

Crafting with a 3 year old

Bob has recently become a lot more interested in making things, and I really couldn't be happier about that.  He loves rummaging around in my craft room and particularly loves cutting tools.  Between the Big Shot, scissors, guillotines, punches, Crop-a-dile and Bind-it-all, not much of our junk mail makes it to the recycling bin intact these days :-)  He's also becoming more interested in the idea of doing and making things for other people, so I've had a new crafty challenge recently - designing cards that will be fun for him to make, that he can feel he's done it mostly himself, that are relatively quick to make (3 year olds are not known for their long attention spans!), and that will still look pretty good.  It may not seem like that last one is important, given that he only makes things for close people, but he's really quite self critical.  I'll tell him that I like how he's coloured something in and he'll say "Yes, but not really, because it doesn't look like Princess Elsa".  I worry that my designing something for him to make might be suppressing his creativity, but it does seem to keep his self criticism at bay, and I also think it helps him to learn how to listen to instructions, and some basic form and balance.  He still has plenty of other opportunities to run free with stickers and paint, so I think it's OK.  He is so pleased when he hands over a card that he's made, and can't wait to explain how he did it. :-)

Anyway, here are Bob's most recent makes.  I'd love to know what you think, and to see what you make with your children - just leave me your blog address in the comments.

Happy crafting!

1. Christmas card for Daddy

This was one of our advent activities from last month.  Bob made it in two sessions - one to cut the snowflakes with the Big Shot and one to assemble the card.  Bob turned the handle on the die cutter, popped out the snowflakes from the die, chose where to put everything, and chose the greeting.

What we used: Papermania silver glitter paper, Sizzix snowflake dies, Papermania greeting.

2. Birthday card for Nanny

Bob chose pretty much everything here - the card blank ("the purple one, because Nanny likes purple"),  the present die, the papers and the greeting (he said it looked like a cake with writing).  He did the die cutting and stuck everything in place too, I just assembled the present from what he cut.

What we used: Sizzix present die, iridescent paper, Papermania mulberry paper, Papermania cloth greeting, Papermania patterned card blank.

3. Birthday card for Daddy

For this card, Bob got to use his patterned scissors to cut strips of blue paper to make a sea.  He chose which scissors to use, the papers, the ducks and the greeting.  I helped him line up the papers (we held one end each)

What we used: Craft Planet scissors, Papermania Colossal paper pack, business envelope, various die cuts.


  1. Wow Bob is really good at this, especially the duck card there is a lot of technique used already.

  2. I came back as you said you hadn't posted yet & I am so glad I did. Great cards Bob is very patient my eldest granddaughter is not as good, well done Bob xx

  3. Just hopping round the Crafting Cafe list of blogs!
    Amanda & Bob, these are just awesome! I love them all!
    Dawn xx

  4. Aww, it's so good getting children involved with crafting......Go Bob! your cards are fab xx

  5. Lovely makes Bob (and mum!) - you'll have to come to my next toddler art group!
    I'm limping round the Crafting Cafe blog hop!



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