Thursday, 4 December 2014

Activity Advent

I bought an advent calendar kit when Bob was tiny, but hadn't had a proper think about what I wanted to do with it until this week.  As is, the kit makes up a greetings card in the style of an advent calendar, with just pictures inside each window, but I wanted to make it something more interesting, and I didn't really want to make it sweet-based.  This week I finally decided to make it an activity advent calendar instead.

I made up the calendar as a flat project in two layers - the window layer and the back, putting the pictures that came with it aside for other projects.  Instead, each window opens to reveal a Christmassy activity to do with Bob.  Quite a few of them are crafting projects to do (decorations and cards), but there are also cooking projects (like Christmas biscuits, and the Christmas eve sausage rolls). trips to Christmas events, and preparation things like putting up the tree and other decorations, one room at a time.  I thought it would add to the excitement if the house gets gradually more Christmassy as December goes on, particularly if it all happens with his involvement.  It also makes a nice compromise between giving him a good long time of having decorations and my own preference of putting things up very close to Christmas.

I've fixed the two layers of the calendar together with brads, so a different sheet of activities can be put in each year, and so that things we always do at weekends can be moved around year to year.  I haven't finished planning all the activities, so they're all in pencil at the moment.  I'd love to hear about any Christmas activities you like to do with your little ones.  I'll report back every few days with what we've been up to!

Happy Crafting!

What I used:
Papermania "Noel" A4 advent calendar card kit
Whispers permanent markers (to colour the numbers)


  1. That's a great idea and must have taken some planning but do include a little chocolate

  2. Hi Amanda this is a fantastic Advent calendar. Hugs Jackie


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