Monday, 17 November 2014

Layout 15: Bump Buddies

I don't think I've ever been this happy to see a project finished before.  I suffered a quite debilitating case of crafting block over this project, which was 'almost there' way back in, wait for it, *August*!  The first 80% was done so fast, then I ground to a halt as I changed my mind about the title and struggled with matching colours for the baby names and the flowers by the photo.  I wanted those pieces to match each child's clothes and ended up having to paint flowers and lettering to get even close. *Sigh*  Anyway, it's done now, and I hope you like it!

What I used:
Papers: Boofle Designstax, Forever Friends Kraft Designstax
Tools: Boofle buttons embossing folder, XCut trimmer, Whispers brush markers, Chalk queue 'blues', Forever Friends number stamps.
Embellishments: Papermania buttons, Papermania cardstock alphabet stickers, various silk and paper flowers, Craftime mini mulberry paper tags
Sketch: From Dec 2012

Crafting Notes:
  • Whenever I have layers overlapping, I always gut the lower layers (i.e. cut out sections of card/paper that would otherwise be covered up).  I'm not being stingy, it just seems good practice to me, as I rarely get round to using products before they're no longer available, and you never know when that saved rectangle might be just what you need!  This layout has a lot of large overlapping layers, so it's an ideal candidate for gutting.  Using a trimmer makes this a lot quicker and easier than messing about with a knife and ruler.  Here are a couple of tips for making sure your gutting doesn't show:
    • Allow about 1cm overlap all the way round.  Use this and only this for sticking, otherwise the step will be visible.
    • Mount your photo (or whatever you have at the top) onto plain card so it's well supported.  I generally do this anyway.
  • When sticking down buttons, I prefer silicone glue to a glue gun, as it dries with some give and so is less brittle.
  • I spent a loooooong time shuffling buttons around the page to tie in with the buttons in the image, but I couldn't see it as anything other than a messy distraction from the photo.  Once I gave up, I felt the page was a little blank.  Finally I found a solution!  The very last thing I did to the page was to emboss buttons onto two corners.  This had the added benefit of stopping all the detail being on a diagonal on the page!
  • I embossed the buttons by hand using a section of an embossing folder.  To choose what to add, I embossed onto scrap card first.


  1. This is gorgeous,a fabulous design and

  2. Lovely page and you're not alone, I nearly always fiddle about with the page for ages before I'm happy with it.


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