Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mum to a 3 year old

Long before I discovered papercrafting, I loved making novelty cakes.   That was in my 20s though, when most of the people I knew lived nearby and were young enough to get away with eating cake!  Since the rise of internet forums and the passage of time, neither of those things are true any more, so my cake decorating fell by the wayside.  One of the things I looked forward to about motherhood was having a good excuse to make cakes again - the only snag is time.  While I can make a card a little at a time, cakes have to be done at the last minute, at least if you want them to be nice to eat.  I had a few ideas for cake designs, most of which would have taken longer than a nap's worth of time, so would have been impossible to keep secret. In a moment of weakness I actually looked at the ready made cakes at the supermarket, but that really wasn't what I wanted to do, so I came up with a simple design that took under half an hour to do, but still had something no bought cake did.  Here it is:

The 'X' really does mark the spot too.  Bob's first job after blowing out his candles was to dig for chocolate treasure.  Here's what's underneath :-) :

Chocolate coin treasure under the big red X :-)

The treasure really seems to have made an impression - he's mentioned it several times since!

For his card, I wanted to feature one of his favourite cartoon characters - Dashi from the Octonauts.  I found a couple of nice pictures (of Dashi and the Octopod) by searching for colouring-in images, and I've coloured these with Papermania brush markers.  When making cards for children, I really like to make cards that do something, but that will also survive being played with, so I added a couple of magnets to the Dashi image and decorated some mount board with an ocean scene full of fun creatures for her to 'swim' around.  She's moved using a lolly stick with magnets at the back.  A sheet of acetate over the top protects her from being lost or damaged, and keeps the stickers safe from little picky fingers, although it does restrict her movement just a little.  He can't read yet, so I didn't bother with a greeting :-)

Dashi 'swims' around to look at all the creatures

This goes at the back to move Dashi around
I'd love to know what you think!

Happy crafting

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  1. How smashing Amanda, you are such a lovely mum and Bob is getting a fabulous childhood with you guys. Can't believe he is 3 ! Cake is fab and I love the treasure too x


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