Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Layout 8 and my first double!

This layout is my first go at a 2 page 12x12 layout.  I've done a few smaller 2 page layouts before, many years ago, but this is the first time I've considered it as a single layout that happens to be on two pieces of card.  It's been a frustrating project - lots of thin mats and lines that absolutely had to be straight.  Not something that would usually frustrate me, except that it proved something I've wondered for a while (but had been discounting as operator error) - that my guillotine no longer cuts square.  On one of the cuts, it didn't even cut straight :-(  The project also needed some hand colouring, which proved something else I've been trying to ignore - that I finally need glasses for close work. *Sigh*

This project features my little boy's first Christmas Day as a full participant, and I wanted to capture the fun of present opening with some vibrant colours and cheerful patterns, so this is a much busier layout than I'm normally comfortable with.  The things that leapt out of the photos for me were red, blue and stripes, so I picked papers that featured all these.  I really loved the little rhyme about Santa delivering presents on one of the papers too. The layout itself is based on a sketch from the September 2007 Pagemaps archive.

Here it is, I'd love to know what you think:

What I used:
Papers: DCWV Christmas Value Stack, DCWV glitter stack, Journal block paper
Embellishments: Doodlebug rub-on letters, Papermania chipboard sentiments, Forever Friends Cosy Christmas letters, Sparkly stocking bunting and Ho Ho Ho ribbon of long forgotten origin.
Tools: Forever Friends Handscript Numbers stamps, Marvy le Plume brush marker (persimmon), Studio g mini alphabet stamps.

Crafting notes:

  • If you end up with a non square project, pick (or cut) a reference line that you know to be square. Make the opposite edge parallel by measuring up from the reference line at each edge.  Line up your good edges on a cutting mat with a grid and stick down with low tack masking tape, then use the grid to cut the other edges square.
  • None of my red inks were bright enough for the lettering once stamped, so I coloured over the stamped images with a dark red pen.
  • The Studio g stamps I used (for the word "proper") are rubber stamps on wooden pegs.  To position them properly, look from the side as you stamp.
  • I didn't have a die or template large enough for the curved mat behind the last photo, so I made one from a smaller die like this: 
    • Trace around the photo onto scrap paper and fold along the horizontal and vertical halfway lines.
    • Position the corner of the smaller die outside one corner of the photo space and draw around it.  Extend the lines to the centre folds.
    • Refold into quarters and cut round the template, through all four layers at once.
  • I annotated my photos with rub-ons.  Make sure you choose a brand that's easy to apply, as photos mark if you have to rub hard.  I coloured the heart in using a permanent marker.

  • To make a rosette, sew running stitch along one edge of your ribbon then pull up until you can make a nice circle.  Sew or stick the ends together.


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