Thursday, 30 January 2014

Crafty Resolutions

There are probably rules about when you can make new year resolutions, but the advantage of taking a whole month to come up with them is that I might manage to keep them into February :-)

Getting ready and delivering the first Christmas my little boy is likely to remember into adulthood was fun, but also exhausting and I'm afraid I really lost the plot with regards to crafting and blogging towards the end of last year.  So, the first of my crafty resolutions for 2014 is this:

Craft more and for me
When time is short and the list of jobs is long, it's hard to prioritise selfish fun above, say, tackling the biohazard otherwise known as the kitchen sink.  That's a big reason why I love being on the Crafting Cafe design team: just like demonstrating, it legitimises my play time and gives it a deadline that allows it to barge importantly past all the drudgy jobs in the ToDo list every now and then. The downside is that I never get round to purely selfish crafting.  Even before parenthood, I found it hard to fit in my own crafting, as the temptation is always to make a few more samples.  This year though, I'd like to make sure I craft in between the deadlines too.  And the projects I want to tackle give me my next crafty resolution:

Get scrapping
To say I get a bit precious about scrapbooking is putting it mildly.  I've always been very much of the opinion that the photo(s) and journalling should be the primary focus, and that the other elements in the page should earn their place by meaning something, not just by being pretty.  Add to that my general crafty procrastination and a printer that seemed forever to need its ink jets declogged, and you can imagine that my scrapping output has not been particularly impressive. Working as a demonstrator didn't help either - I generally found that trying to demo anything that wasn't a card cleared the room faster than a fire alarm - great if I needed a wee, or to tidy my desk!  Of course, this could just be a reflection of my scrapping abilities...  My goal is to finish 2014 with a dozen completed pages - hopefully that's modest enough to be achievable!  To help me get started, and to make sure my pesky printer doesn't stop me, I ordered 160 photo prints of shots I've taken for scrapping.
Should be enough to be going on with!

Knit something
Since starting crafting about 10 years ago, I have tried at least one new type of craft every year (check out my rug!), but that fell by the wayside once Bob arrived.  Knitting was supposed to be 2012's craft, I did manage to learn how to cast on in 2013, but this year I really will knit a whole something!

Blog more
I don't keep a diary, so facebook statuses and blog posts are all I have to remind me of my creative exploits, and I love to look back on them.  My goal is to blog once a week about whatever I've made.  It might only be a cake, or something I've made with Bob, but I will post.  Err, probably.


  1. These are great resolutions. I want to craft more in 2014 too and hav ejust today started with a new craft blog again (because th eold one was very inactive). I love your idea of scrapping too.

  2. Great resolutions! Mine should be to stop saying yes but I've already broken that one more than once this year! Lol x

  3. What a fabulous idea to have some crafty resolutions, and I'm thinking I may have to come up with one or two also! I'm now on 7 design teams. I applied for all but the latest at the same time, and all got accepted at the same time. To say it was a bit of a shock to the system is an understatement! lol. It can be so very hard to remember to make stuff FOR FUN! Thanks for the reminder that this is actually necessary! ;-) x

  4. Just hopping by on the Crafting Cafe blog hop! great idea, we always forget to make time for ourselves when running a home and looking after family, look forward to seeing you makes x

  5. Totally agree with all you have said Mand..... now I just need to work at sticking at it as well! lol
    Looking forward to joining you and Bob on your crafty journey xxx

  6. So sorry I'm late, I've been out all day! Finally managing to hop round the Crafting Cafe blog hop! How's the scrapping going?
    Dawn xx

  7. Hi Amanda, I have arrived her via The Crafting Café Blog Hop.

    Hugs Erin x

  8. These are great resolutions - I can identify with the scrapbooking! Popping over on the Crafting Cafe blog hop! :)

  9. Hi Amanda hopping over on the blog hop, fab resolutions, really need to make more myself
    Hugs Debbie xxx


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