Monday, 17 June 2013


Our happy little boy (20 months old) became a bundle of screaming misery a few weeks ago.  Everything seemed to make him upset but one thing left him particularly inconsolable.  Vehicles.  If we saw a tractor, plane, car, train, boat, digger, or motorbike, he wanted to get in or on it, but it wasn't confined to real ones.  He would try to get in toy ones and even ones in pictures, and then be very upset that it wasn't possible.  Our nerves jangled every time he picked up a book for us to read.  Luckily, we discovered that if we said something was Bob the Builder's quad Scrambler, then it was Scrambler, so we decided to press a few cardboard boxes and random bits of furniture into service as surrogate ride-ons.  I got a bit carried away with the box nominated as 'tractor', until I remembered that everything would get pulled to pieces.  As you can see from the piccy, it had already been repaired before I got a chance to photograph it.  At one point, I was sticking paper to one side while Bob pulled it off the previously covered side.  As you can imagine, it's not my best work!  However, it made him happy for a while until his scale crisis passed.  I'd love to see other parents' cardboard box creations, so please get in touch!

The box is covered with wrapping paper.  The wheels are the polystyrene 'plates' that supermarket pizzas come on (kept because I thought they'd be handy one day), the exhaust funnel is a toilet roll inner tube, and the engine is made from a stack of cardboard vegetable punnets.


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  2. Great creation. Children just seem to love cardboard boxes. My seven year old nephew is currently into making his own creations and prototypes out of cardboard. A couple of weeks ago it was a ship, with bits of polystireen packaging inside as different levels, ramps and lifts. Last week it was an used plastic pot that I think had helpd creme caramel that was attached to a box and made into a liquidizer type gadget - shredded paper being the ingredients put inside. Then of course there was the time when he and his little brother would just tip all their toys out of their plastic crates and pull each other around the sitting room making train noises - until they got a bit too big to comfortatly sit in the plastic crates. Boxes can be just about anything in kids imaginations.


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