Monday, 1 April 2013

Toddler crafting

I was going to say that I'm feeling my way with toddler crafting, but actually I'm just feeling my way with all things toddler!  Last week was our local tots group's Easter party, and we were challenged to make a mask or hat with our little ones.  Bob hasn't shown a great deal of interest in arts and crafts yet, I'm sorry to say.  He's done a couple of paintings, and he loves the food processor, but that's about it for making things out of anything other than Duplo.  I'm hoping that's just because he's too young to have the patience to make things, and thought I'd take the opportunity to start phasing in some crafting play.  It's not a great time to do it, as Bob has recently become very unhappy about having messy hands, so I knew I'd be very lucky to get him to do much crafting.  Even so, I wanted to make something within his capability just in case, so I went for finger painting and foam stamps.  As suspected, Bob was only interested until he got mucky fingers, but I did manage to tempt him back with the stamps.  In the end, he made most of the back of the hat.  He did watch when I finger painted the front, he picked colours for me to use and he seemed to like the cool and goopy feeling of the paint.  Later on we tried painting using balls of kitchen towel, but with similar results.

Anyway, here's the finished hat.  I couldn't get him to pose in it I'm afraid!  It's suitable for very young crafters I think, just not quite as young as Bob!
Front view

Rear view, mostly Bob's work
Sadly Bob now has chicken pox, so not a lot of crafting is going on here for toddlers or otherwise just at the moment!

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  1. I'm sorry your boy is not into crafting. I hope he'll get to enjoy it someday. What are foam stamps?


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