Friday, 22 March 2013

Simple Projects for Children

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to crafting with my little boy.  I’ve been collecting together crafting goodies and projects for him since long before he was born, so I really hope he shares my passion for making things!  With the Easter holidays upon us, and no sign of spring yet, I thought I’d share with you a couple of projects that proved very popular with young children at Craft Planet demos I did before I had Bob.  Please let me know if your little ones enjoy making them, I’d love to see piccies of their creations!

Feathery headdress

This simple headdress is great for dressing up games and fancy dress parties for girls and boys (think Cowboys and Indians, or 1920’s flapper girls).

  1. Cut a symmetrical curved strip from the long side of an A4 sheet of funky foam using decorative scissors.  Make a hole at each edge with a pokey tool.
  2. Decorate the front of the funky foam strip with foam shapes.  I used the swirls from the inside of the wings of the foam butterflies too.  Fix feathers along the back of the top edge using silicone glue, duck tape or a cold melt glue gun.
  3. Thread the ends of a pipe cleaner through the holes at the edges of the foam strip, and twist to secure (making sure there are no sharp bits protruding).  Twist a loop in the middle of the pipe cleaner for an adjustable fit.  You can use elastic instead, but it's not as pretty.
Shopping list:
Funky foam
Decorative scissors, eg XCU 2521106 or XCU 2521108.
Chenille stems, eg CPT 6601106
Foam shapes – small or large pack

Pen or brush holder

This part-recycled pen or brush pot can be simplified for younger children and, with the range of paints and foam stamps available, can be made to match a child’s room.

  1. Cover a toilet roll inner tube with red card or paper.  Stamp flowers onto yellow card, paper or felt using foam stamps and orange paint, let dry, then cut out leaving a border.  Stick around the top half of the tube.  Younger children can just stamp the flowers directly onto the red card/paper and let dry before covering the tube.
  2. Cut a strip of yellow card or paper using decorative scissors and stick around the top of the tube.
  3. Stick coloured matchsticks around the bottom of the tube using tacky glue.  Cut a funky foam circle or square a bit larger than the tube using decorative scissors and stick to the bottom of the tube as a base.  Older children can cut the matchsticks to different lengths for a more interesting finish.
Shopping list:
Foam stamps – eg CPT 6661103 for girls or CPT 6661105 for boys
Coloured paper
Acrylic paint

Door name sign

An easy project for boys and girls.  
  1. Cut a rectangle of funky foam with a curved end approximately 9x19cm.  Cut a circle out of the middle of the curved end and join the circle up with the top curve to create a hook.
  2. Decorate with the child’s name and stickers representing their hobbies and interests.
Shopping list:
Acrylic paint 


  1. Great projects Amanda! I love them all! I remember making feather headresses with corrugated cardboard!
    Dawn xx

  2. Fabulous projects Amanda, I love the headdress it is brilliant.

    Linda xxx


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