Saturday, 23 February 2013

Masculine monochrome

It's hard to believe almost two weeks have gone since I last posted, and even harder to believe that it's taken nearly a week to get this post finished!  The most recent delay was blogger not saving my changes :-( Ah well, it's done now.

I visited my parents at the start of last week, so I had some bonus crafting time while Bob had some Nanny and Grandad time.  I was a proper grown up, and finished my Crafting Cafe blog post and did a commission for my neighbour before I did any crafting for myself.  Inevitably I didn't get round to the scrapbook page I meant to do, but I did have a lot of fun with my neighbour's card.  She wanted a 30th birthday card for her son who loves Formula 1 and is a fan of Lewis Hamilton.  I showed her the piccy on this blog of the carting penny slider card I did a few weeks ago and she said she'd like something similar.  Lewis Hamilton is driving a silver Mercedes this year, and I recently found some fab chequered flag paper in my stash during a rare bit of tidying, so I decided on a monochrome scheme.  I know it's a bit cliche for men's cards, but black and white is a very safe choice when you don't know the recipient, and it's smart and unfussy enough for men of all ages.  This is what I came up with:

It's A5, so I had room to have the car spin underneath the chequered flag, like this:

It makes the card very fat, but it wasn't being posted, and it was still an easy fit into a vented envelope.  If you make a larger penny slider like this, it's important to use a thicker card for your base, as they often won't stand up without bending under the weight of all the card and foam tape.  This card was a real step back in time for me, as everything I used was years old!  The background paper is from the DCWV Black & White stack, and I used it to make the 'speed limit' sign too.  The dark paper and the chequered flag are cut from a Bits 'n' Pieces pad, and the F1 car is stamped from the See D's Boys Toys stamp set.

By the time I finished playing with this card, I had very little time left for a birthday card for my father-in-law. My Dad loves gardening and the arts that are well represented in crafting supplies, like Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite, but I often struggle with cards for the other men in my life, as none of them like the traditional male sports or hobbies, and none like cute cards.  Balloons, cakes and presents always seem a bit young to me too.  Luckily do crafts has brought out some really nice sentiment toppers in the last couple of years, and these are great as the main image for a card.  As I had my DCWV black & white stack out, I thought I'd use that with one of the Anita's white and silver sentiments.  I die cut the paper and mirror card with the XCut Doorplate nesting dies.  Of course, using white and silver card has made it a nightmare to photograph, so here's a rather grey picture of the end result:

I was really happy with the nice bright white real version of it, and made another one in landscape for my card box:

Just as I finished sticking it all together, I noticed a blemish on the mirror card, hence the little arrangement of gems at the top :-)  I very rarely give up on projects when I either make a mistake or they don't turn out how I liked.  I've discovered lots of new techniques by rescuing projects, and have often found that my 'fixes' have been my favourite bits!

I hope you have some fun crafting planned for this weekend.  It's snowing here, so a good one to spend indoors!


  1. Great card Amanda! Well woth all the trouble you had blogging it! lol
    Dawn xx

  2. Fab boys/mens card, love the layout. I am now following your blog x

  3. Fab mens/boys cards.
    Hugz, Lorraine xx

  4. FAB cards I do love monochrome and always a safe bet for men. Chris xx

  5. Super card - love the car slider - fab! Helen xx

  6. thank you for visiting in my blog amanda! I am so happy;) it´s quite difficult to make mens cards, but you card is special...


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