Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lurgy, first words, and a new challenge

Greetings!  It's nice to be back in blogland again, I'm afraid I disappeared for a while.  All my plans for festive projects and posts fell by the wayside after my little boy had an adverse reaction to one of his jabs at the beginning of December.  We had a difficult couple of weeks where he was not a happy camper and didn't really eat.  Just as he was recovering, he caught a truly horrible bug just in time for Christmas.  Being a lovely sharing boy, he gave it to me, and I duly passed it on to my parents.  No eating for any of us for quite a while!  Luckily for little Bob I'm still nursing, but I was the most ill I've been in several years, and I don't suppose making all of his food at the same time really helped with my recovery!

The new year saw us back to full health and Bob made the most of it by starting to talk!  It's such an exciting time, as there are new words every day.  My favourites so far are "kiwi", because of the delight with which he says it when offered or requesting his favourite fruit, "happy", for obvious reasons, and "bubble", because it's the cutest thing I've ever heard :-)  I do get treated to the occasional "Mummy", but I suppose the fact that I'm always there means he doesn't have to use my name!  He's also become much harder to keep occupied for the day, so I've found toddler groups for us to go to every day of the week.  Great for his social development and my sanity, but he has another cold already...

On the crafting front... Before all the illness, I did manage to get some projects done for my best friends over at Country View Crafts using some gorgeous Sizzix Ink-Its Letterpress Plates.  My blog post is here and my projects are below - I'd love to know what you think of my projects.

I have loads more projects planned using them, and hope I get time to explore those over the next few weeks.  I do have a new crafting challenge that I'm straining at the leash to get stuck into though, which might distract me a bit.  I've been selected for the design team for a brand new challenge blog linked to the Crafting Cafe group on Facebook.  I'm so excited about this, as I'm keen to get back into regular crafting again, and I'll be trying out some great digital stamps, something I haven't really used before.  There are some great designers on the team, and I hope I can justify my place with them.  Please come over to Crafting Cafe Challenge Blog to see what we all make.  The theme is "Anything Goes" and there's a lovely prize, so why not come and enter yourself?


  1. Brilliant to see you back blogging and crafting. Great to have you on the dt! You are an inspiration to many.
    I'm looking forward to seeing all you create xxx

  2. Hay Amanda, these look great! Glad the lurgy is passing & you're back to having fun blogging!
    Welcome to the team!
    Dawn xx

  3. Beautiful projects Amanda. Love your creative style.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Fabulous projects, especially love the last one


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