Sunday, 20 May 2012

Thanksgiving in May? - Blog Prompt, Day 20

Today's blog prompt is "I'm thankful for...", within the context of crafting.  Where to start?  There's so much!  Firstly I'm thankful for any time I get to craft.  There's not much of it at the moment, with a demanding baby to care for, but that means I appreciate any time I get all the more.  It really is a pleasure to engross myself in something calm and creative.  Secondly I'm thankful to be crafting at a time when there is so much choice available in both products and types of crafts, and so much access to help, tuition, and inspiration.  Staying informed and stimulated is so much easier now even than when I started card making just a few years ago.  Thirdly I'm thankful for my husband's patience.  He's not a crafter, but puts up with his home being invaded by craft supplies (and foam pad backing squares!), the interruptions to weekends when I'm doing demos, and my frequent queries about whether this project he doesn't like looks nicer with the flowers here, there, or in both places.  Oh, and finally I'm thankful for good glues, without which we'd all come unstuck!


  1. Hear, hear for patient husbands, mine puts up with me filling the kitchen with stash, covering the table with my current make, going away on crafty retreats at least once a year, and being out both days this weekend cropping :)

  2. Crafting with a baby in tow! That takes thankfulness.

  3. Deffo patient husbands don't know where we'd be without them.


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