Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spring cleaning (!) - Blog prompt day 18

On Friday, Emma wanted us to confess our spring cleaning secrets, so here goes.

I'm not a great fan of any housework, with the exception of getting a huge pile of fresh laundry in from the line on a bright and breezy day and burying my face in it :-)  Cleaning in particular just depresses me while I'm doing it - I know the bit I just did is already gathering dust, and that I'll never have finished.  Spring cleaning is different though, as it's well defined.  I find it hugely satisfying to tackle all the jobs that have nagged at me for ages and to get absorbed in detail of it, before shutting the door on a 'perfect' room.  It's just a shame you always end up with a shoe box of weird things that don't really belong anywhere...

Emma also wanted to know about favourite cleaners and adverts.  Well, I watch very little telly, and what I do watch is recorded, so I fast forward over the adverts.  I can't think of any recent cleaner ads at all!  As for favourite cleaners, I love Orange Glo wood polish - it eats through all the old polish layers and leaves a gorgeous orangey smell that fills the room. As I mentioned in one of my first posts on this blog, I'm also a big fan of baby wipes for all sorts of cleaning jobs. My other favourite cleaner is white vinegar - I've used it with newspaper to clean windows since reading "How clean is your house", from the Channel 4 show. What I don't have (and unfortunately need) is a way of getting dried water-based paint out of a carpet (I didn't notice the tin had dribbled :-( ) If you know how to fix this, please take pity and leave me a comment - I like carpet shopping even less than cleaning!

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  1. i also love orange glo Amanda, as for the paint.....have you tried baby wipes?? i use pampers ones as i find them the best. i had a tin of paint that also dribbled and i always use the wipes when painting as they always get it off my skin !! so i thought, well if it's good enough for my skin it ought to work on the carpet. don't get me wrong you do have to scrub but it worked for me xxx


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