Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Crafting Style - Blog Prompt Catch-up, Day 4

Day 4's blog prompt was 'my crafting style', which is a problem for me, as I'm not sure I have one any more! Before I became a do crafts demonstrator, I'd say my style was quite minimalist, symmetrical and obsessively precise.  I measured everything, and the closest I got to distressing anything was tearing mulberry paper along a wet line :-)  One of my favourite things about demoing is that I get to work with products of all styles and types, not just those I'd automatically choose for myself, and that it pushes me to create projects that will appeal to as wide a range of crafters as possible.  I'm happy to say that it really has broadened my crafting so much that my own style has assimilated all sorts of influences along the way.  I've tried a wider range of crafts over the years too, like jewellery making, and that in turn has influenced my papercrafting.  I still do tend towards the minimalist and symmetrical, but the measuring has definitely gone out the window ;-)  One style I'll always enjoy is to make a card or page that looks like something else, or presents a scene.

My scrapbooking is a bit more conservative.  I prefer the photos (or journalling) to be the dominant thing on the page, and I like as many of the embellishments as possible to relate to the story I'm telling on the page.  As a consequence, it takes me an absolute age to complete a layout, and this is a hang-up I hope to get over when I start scrapping in earnest for baby Bob, otherwise I'm going to have to live an awfully long time if I'm going to have something to pass on to him!

I've picked a few piccies from my crafting history, oldest ones first, that I think are most typical of what I've preferred to make. Looking at these I realise that maybe I do have a style after all!

My minimalist beginnings
I've always loved flowers and butterflies
 I do like things to match...
Mmm, symmetry :-)
Ooh look, more symmetry

Oh, and I never remember to check it'll fit in the envelope! 


  1. some lovely designs Amanda, i really enjoy card making too! but i don't think i'm up to your standard. one drawback i've found is that the cards always cost more to post, any ideas?? xxx

  2. Hi Sally, thanks, glad you like them! There are a couple of things you can do to keep in the cheaper postage band - use foam tape instead of foam pads as it's thinner (you'll get an extra layer); ink the edges of layers or draw round them to give the impression of more matting layers; use glitter glue to add accents instead of gems, or create images with layered dies, where you stick all the layers together. Oh, get your friends to move closer ;-) The postage is annoying, but home made cards generally still work out cheaper than bought ones overall, and of course are so much nicer

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