Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A day in the life of baby Bob aged 8 months - Blog Prompt, Day 14

Monday's blog prompt was "A day in the life of..." and I thought I'd feature a guest blogger.  I helped with the typing ;-)
Milk! I need milk! Where's Mummy?! Oh, there she is, phew! Mmm, lovely milk. I love milk. But where's Daddy?! Phew! There he is, and he's got Spot and Quacky and Bunny. Brilliant! I love playing with Daddy. And here's Mummy again with my breakfast banana. I love bananas. Why does she keep showing me that banana, can't she tell I'm not hungry?

Oh no, don't change my nappy Mummy! I don't like changes! Oh, that's nice, I like having a dry bum. Where are we going now? Oh no, not the car seat, I don't like that! Don't you want to cuddle me Mummy? Ooh look, we're at the wood! I like the trees and I love being in the carrier with Daddy. There's Molly! I hope I can run like Molly one day, and sing like the birds, and <yawn>...

Where am I? This looks like home, but I was sure there were trees before... There's Mummy and it's play time! <BANG! BANG! BANG!> I love these bright cups. "SQUEEEEEAAAAAKKKK!!!!"  <BANG! BANG! BANG!>  Oh, I've fallen over backwards.  Luckily there's always something soft behind me.  Daddy's come to pick me up!  Where are we going?  The park with Molly!  I love the park.  "Wo! Wo!"  I keep talking to Molly, but she doesn't seem to understand me.

Home again and there's my Mummy with my lunch!  Mmm, fish and vegetables, my favourite.  Yum, yum, I love how cheesy mash feels in my hand.  I wonder if it feels nice in my ear as well?  I'm very full now.  Ooh grapes!

Ooh good, more time on my playmat!  I could play for ever.  Mummy!! Cuddle me!! <yawn> ...

Where am I?  On Mummy's lap, my favourite place.  Oh look, Daddy's got the carrier again, we're all going to the park!

Home again and Daddy's staring at that shiny screen again, and pressing all the buttons I'm not allowed to touch.  I've got a great view of Mummy playing with food from my high chair.  I'm not allowed to touch anything in here either - Mummy says it's all ouchy.  It's dinner time!  Now I get to play with the food!  I'm very full now  Ooh peaches!

Ooh good, more time on my playmat!  I could play for ever.  Mummy!!  Milk and cuddles!! <yawn> ...

And that's why I get nothing done!


  1. Hahaha ... been there - done that - reading your blog brought it all back to me!
    The time will pass very quickly though so enjoy all these "little" moments ... they pass all too soon :)

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  3. Such a funny post, I like the intermittent yawning, and how everything is so exciting :)


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