Friday, 16 March 2012

Drastic action

I may have mentioned my tendencies towards OCD... Well, one symptom is that I like to keep things in their packets.  I could claim that it makes it easier for when I put unused stuff on eBay, but I think we all know that's never going to happen :-)
Anyway, close on the heels of my paper and stamp addictions is my love of embossing folders.  I really can't resist them, and the drawer I keep them in had long since run out of space.  I'd ended up with a tottering tower of the things, and no way to find a particular one in a hurry.  So, this week I took some drastic action - I took them all out the packets.  What a difference it's made!  Manufacturers could really do with rethinking their packaging, as I think I've halved the space they take up!  Most of the clear plastic sleeves were scuffed, so they went in the recycler, but I've cut panels of acetate from the best ones to use in shaker cards.  I've also kept quite a few of the backing cards, as there are some lovely patterns among them, and I'm sure I can use them on some projects (just in case I don't have enough paid-for papers!).  My embossing folders all fit in the drawer now with room to spare.  I've just had a birthday too, so I think I might have to buy some more :-)

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