Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Do Crafts Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you had a fun time with your loved ones.  So much preparation goes into Christmas, yet it seems to flash by so quickly, that I'm always left a little shell-shocked by it all!  This year was obviously a special one for my family, being the first with baby Bob.  We were much less ambitious about what we considered necessary, focusing on spending time together rather than hectic preparations, and I'm very glad we did.  It was far more relaxing, and definitely the way ahead.

The only thing I missed was my Christmas crafting, both for my cards and my home.  I did get one project done though.  Every December, the lovely folks at Do Crafts put together an online crafty advent calendar of quick and easy craft projects for the festive season, publishing one new project a day until Christmas.  I always look forward to it, partly because the projects are always really varied and partly because I'm a big kid about advent calendars.  However, I must say that it's not quite as much fun now they don't do a picture where you have to find all the numbers to click on :-)

Anyway, this year I had an extra reason to look forward to it, as I submitted this project, published on Christmas Eve.  It's a little book to keep track of your new year's resolutions, using my current fave products, the Papermania collage style stamps like these travel print stamps).  It's the only complete project I've managed to make since having Bob (even so, there was more I'd like to have done to it!) and I'd love to know what you think of it.  Please take a look and leave me a comment.

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